Who are you?

Who am I? It’s not important who am I, the most important thing above all is who He is. It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are, how idiot or genius you are, how many degrees you have or not, how many jobs you work for or not, it is all about how mighty and sovereign He is. My life is in His hands, not in my teacher’s, parents’, friends’, doctors’, or religious leaders’ hands, not even me, my life and death belongs to Him. He is the sovereign Lord while I’m his servant, and I cannot interfere His works in my life. I’m His son, and this life that I walk through is not about how quickly I am in finishing this university life, is about glorifying him. He must increase, I must decrease to lowest point until He is the highest above all. He must raise up, He the one who reign my life, not me. He the one who reigns not me!


I am the last student on Earth

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