Telling the Truth

Honestly, I am not a honest person. I lied to myself and to my parents most of the time because I am an independent person and my parents although they are care and concern about me, they are not dependable. You need to know that our parents are not dependable, you have to relied on God. Without Him, we are nothing. Even without humans, our God is still our Lord. He is the Truth and the devil is the liar. He is the way, the truth and life. Abide with Him not yourselves. You cannot rely on your success, you cannot rely on your degrees you had, you cannot rely on your jobs, you cannot rely on humans, you cannot rely on your intellectuals, you only can rely on Him. Rely on Him, nothing else. I have nothing except him. I don’t have any degrees, jobs, or money, but I have Him, the only sovereign Lord! I have neither friends or families, but I have Him and He has me. I am His and He is mine! It doesn’t matter if I don’t have any education degrees, jobs, and money, I have Him. I have Him and He is mine!


I am the last student on Earth

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