Do I have to runaway?

I know I have to finish my school, I don’t want to depend on my parents anymore. I must try to be myself, I cannot follow my parents anymore, I must go away to the place where God is. I don’t belong to this world. I must find a way to find God. My Lord is the most important thing above all, above my education degrees, above my parents, above my doctors, above my friends and teachers, above my ego, above myself, above my dreams, above my plans, very high above. His plans is much more better than my plans. I have to trust Him more than anyone and anything else, I don’t trust my education anymore, I don’t trust my friends anymore because they are evil, more bad than evil. I cannot trust my parents anymore because they are evils who destroys my life. I cannot trust my family, I cannot and don’t want trust in success in this world, in wealth, in tons of money, I cannot trust them. I must rely on Him, my savior, I must humble myself before God, I must destroys and kills all my plans, all my dreams, I must rely on Him, I must rely on Him, I must rely on Him, I must rely on Him.


I am the last student on Earth

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